Thursday, July 14, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Part 3

Short and Sweet.

I will not explain to you why whales are so very awesome (I use this word way too often, but here it is apt).

My family grew up going to Cape Cod every summer and I have been on many
Whale Watches out of Provincetown. 
The visions of those Humpbacks and babies is something that has stuck with me and will forever. 

There's a certain freak show aspect about these watches,  in exploiting these majestic creatures the way zoos, circuses and rodeos do.  My stance these days is just leave animals alone to do their thing. 
If they are hurt and we can help in any way, we should.  They are not ours to exploit for our entertainment. 
As a human and an animal activist, I need to speak up and help those who have no voice.

Watch this video and tell me how much you cry and get chills. 
In a very good way. 
I want to make out with these dudes in all their speedoed glory.

There is nothing violent or gruesome about this video except the net this docile creature was trapped in. 
All my animal friends, you can watch this with no fear. 

OK, Discuss the pure joy.


  1. This made me cry happy and sad tears. Thank you for posting this video!

  2. wow. i did not have speakers while watching so i couldnt hear what was going on i finally saw what those guys were doing. Truly amazing to see the whale so happy and swim free from the debris that tangled him up.I am such a mush ball when it comes to any animal!! thank you for sharing :o)