Thursday, September 8, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Part 10

On this very special episode of TILT, we have something that is coursing through my body at ALL TIMES. 

And that is:
THE CHICKPEA!!!! The Garbonzo, however you like to say it, this is it.

A great source of protein and so versatile, it's just silly.


I eat chickpeas in some form every single motherlovin' day.  I crave them.  I am a garbanzo junkie.

Let's do some learnin' for a second shall we?  One of my favorite questions.......
They have carbs and they have fat, but I am currently trying to just eat REAL food, nothing synthetic.  And so, I can eat a ton of avocado (YUM) and chickpeas and it's no problem.

How good is THIS?  Very good I tell ya.
super easy chickpea quinoa recipe
I love this Chick(peas)'s blog too, Fat Free Vegan, super easy, delicious recipes. 

More, and yes, we all can google it too!
Vegan Chickpea Recipes

In the Summer, I combine cucumber, chickpeas a little white wine vinegar and salt and pepper all the time.  Perfect easy salad.

Chickpea and Kale soup. Fall and Winter mean SOUP.
See? Versatile, for both summer and winter.I heart the Chickpea!

ROASTED CHICKPEAS! They also have wasabi chickpeas, not my favorite, but you might like them.

What about the HUMMUS?  Ok, geez, I know.  I put this shit on EVERYTHING.  Carrots, whole wheat pita chips, celery, your mom - you name it - it tastes better with Hummus!

This is my favorite right now, even  more so than homemade.



  1. I agree 100%. Hail the Chick Pea! I have been known to eat a plate of them...plain chick peas heated up from the can with just a touch of sea salt. YUM! ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE THE CHICK PEA. Thank you for reminding me just how much!


  2. I love chick peas! That Sabra hummus is great too. I also looove Tribe. They had a two pack at Costco cheap. Mmmm and some Stacy's pita chips. I am all in!
    I am so gonna make that salad.

    I also looove beans. All kinds of beans. I make bean salad all the time. Multi beans. When I was little we lived in Indiana and I guess they are all about beans there. My garndmother was visiting from Poland and was horrified when my mom opened a can of Northern beans, chopped some celery and poured Italian dressing on them. "You are so poor you have to feed your child cold beans out of a can?" "No mother, this is what she likes!"

  3. Our favorite chick pea recipe is the classic hummus! We go through a lot of hummus in this house. Thanks for the recipes, I'll have to try them out.

    I get so annoyed at the whole vegetarians don't get enough protein thing! It's so ignorant.

  4. Long live the damn chickpea! I'm so glad you posted this because I've been in a major dinner rut and I think chick peas are the answer. I like whole chickpeas more than hummus action, but the sabra is good with pine nuts on the top. Num. You are a superstar.

  5. Oh my gods,yum. I LOVE chick peas. I think our whole family does,kids included except my freak hubby. Who loves hummus. How can you hate chick peas but love hummus? I don't get it.