Thursday, September 29, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Part 12

Hello!  I've missed you so very much Dumpster Divers! 
If you don't follow my every move on the Twitter or the Facebook, You don't know I've just returned from a 7 day trip to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. 
Or as I like to call it, the happiest place on Earth.

This Things I Love Thursday will be short and sweet as I've got so much work, work to catch up on. 
I will get more written about our Sanctuary Visit shortly, ok?

Here it is.

The Thing I Love Thursday is:

This is Charmer. Doesn't he look like he has face paint on? He is a Charmer too.


Miss Jagger on my bed for our sleepover. Pitties are so mean!

Where would we be without furry love?  I have a hard time relating to people.  I never have a hard time relating to furries.  I don't believe in human unconditional love.  I do believe in furry unconditional love.  There are always conditions on human love.  It's true. People fail us. Over and over.  I fail people.  Over and over.  It is human to fail.  It is human to be hurt and unforgiving and wary after people have hurt us.  Furries don't see it that way, they will give us humans the benefit of the doubt over and over and over.  Even after their humans have done unconscionable things to them.  Over and over and over they will come back with only love to give and hope the best from their human.

Furries don't fail us.  And I do my damnedest to not fail them.  A big percentage of every day and every action I take and every word I speak and every word I listen to and read is about or beneficial to animals. My life is exponentially better due to the furries I have met and been inspired by. 

The time I spend at Best Friends with the cast offs and the rejects and the animals people have let or just can't deal with, is the most memorable and spirit enhancing time I ever spend. 

Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of people too.  Sometimes.  I root for the underdog.  I am the underdog.  I relate to the underdog.

Miss Dixie has lived at Best Friends all of her 11 years.

Furries are the best people I know.   And for that, I am eternally grateful.


  1. We read a book last night at bedtime called "Always" and it just fits in perfectly with this. It's about a dog and his unconditional love and devotion to his little person :-)

  2. I have such a huge place in my heart for pound dogs. Look how sweet and happy and perfect those little buddies are.