Thursday, September 1, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Part 9.5

My Lynnie

This gorgeous redhead is my Lynnie.  She is my dearest friend.  WE are not investigators.  Calm down.

We are like the Laverne and Shirley of animal shit.  And everything else.  She's the gal I go to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary with.  She is the ONLY human besides Dumpster Husband that I could go on vacation with and not murder.  So get used to her ugly mug; you will see a lot more pics of her coming up here..a couple from last time.

Isn't she cute?

It's her birthday today.  She hates birthdays almost as much as I do. 
So, for you my Lovely Lynnie.  Happy Birthday. 

Also, when I flew off the treadmill into the wall the other night, it was at her house. 
She didn't even bat an eyelid, just asked are you ok and then we carried on. 
She knows and loves me that much. SHE GETS MY CRAZY ASS. 
And she's not even a drunk. 
How about that?

We met at exactly the right moment and connected on a level that almost never happens. 
We are both Virgos.  It goes so much deeper than that, but I promised I wouldn't get all sappy.
I am so grateful for her.


  1. You two are darlin'. And I should know- as a fellow Virgo. That's pretty awesome to know when you could take a vacation with someone and not want to just up and die.

  2. I shoulda guessed you were a Virgo! Xo

  3. you look like anna nicole in this photo