Thursday, April 19, 2012

Things I Love Thursday - Part 34

Waving that flag.  That white flag.  Marching around with that flag on my shoulders and singing, "I let it go, I let it go, I let you go you bastard of self doubt and worry and shit I can't control!"  MARCH MARCH MARCH MARCH. 

The Thing I Love this Thursday is the ability to surrender. To let that shit go.  I have to do it every single day, sometimes over and over and over until I want to rip that motherloving flag up and burn it to the ground, but dammit, I SURRENDER.

Now, you know I'm not a religious sort.  But this shit helps me every day in my life.  This little ditty right here makes all the difference.  Over and over and over I say this prayer and I surrender to the universe and just keep doing the best I can to treat others with kindness and respect and remember to treat myself with kindness and respect and not drive myself insane.

I like to pretend I have a little parade akin to the Music Man, or OK GO here, marching around with that white flag going through the middle of it all day, every day.  THIS TOO SHALL PASS.  God, how many times has this been said to me or have I said it to others.  And, you know what?  IT ALWAYS DOES PASS.  Always.  No matter how many times I roll my eyes or scream, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT.  It passes.  The good and the bad, IT ALL PASSES.

Practice not perfection.  SURRENDERING is one of the hardest things to do because we love to make ourselves crazy with worry and self doubt and FEAR over useless shit that we have absolutely no control over.  You know who that helps?  Nobody.  Certainly not yourself.  Do yourself a favor and feel that burden lifted. 

Here's what I ask myself, "Is this something I have any kind of control over?"  Most of the time, it's no.  So I can let that shit go.  If I can control any of it, I do my best to handle it well.  The rest, GONE. 

Surrender feels so damn good, I want to give it to all my friends.  I want to give it to the world.  Just let me hang onto that one thing a tiny bit longer and then you can have it, OK?


  1. Surrender is such a difficult concept for me. The idea of letting it go, not worrying things to death, letting go of shit I can't possibly so foreign to me, and it keeps me stuck where I am. I needed this, SO MUCH. You are doing such important, good work with your blog - helping a lot of people in a lot of ways. <3<3<3

  2. 'treat myself with kindness and respect..' That says it all. What kind of friend can we be to others if we are a shitty friend to ourselves? Gotta be your own bff. And I consider you one of mine...and back to my baton twirling as one of the commissioners in your parade...march march march. Love you!

  3. Every day I try getting better at this. I used to be in the habit of writing down everything I needed or wanted to see done, and then I'd put them into categories: "to do" and "can't possibly be done by me." Seeing it in writing was so liberating. I might need to get back to that again, because I'm struggling a little bit more than usual at the moment. It's good to read this and know I'm not walking alone, as it were, and that even this will pass.

  4. Practice not perfection. OH BOY this is a hard one- all of it is, under the umbrella of 'letting go'. You know what I love about you? You have the most incredible sense of humor and yet you still tackle the really heavy stuff on a regular basis.

  5. I'm not exactly religious either, but have found myself chanting the serenity prayer over and over again lately.

    My biggest issue with letting go is that I'm crazy and controlling. :D

    You're doing great. xoxo

  6. OK. I'm gonna hang onto you, K.... tight. 'cause as you know, the chit is flying into the fan and I have assolutely no control.

    Letting go. Surrendering. Waving my flag.... *but it's pink... 'cause I screwed up the laundry, again.

  7. nice. i used to be a card carrying member of the 'never give up club'. but, i learned that sometimes the best thing i can do is let go (dare i say, 'and let God'?) surrender.

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  8. Well said--if only we could all take a breath, hear your words, and actually LIVE them! Keep marching!

  9. You sound like my yoga instructor - I love it. And we need to keep saying these things to ourselves in order to change our normal (read: neurotic) patterns of thought!