Thursday, May 17, 2012

Things I Love Thursday - Part 38

On the train coming into work today it struck me that my little peanut nephew is going to be 7 in about a week.  And then I got weepy on the train.  Again.  This the the baby that made me change the way I thought about babies and having a child in general.  In short, this kid CHANGED MY LIFE.

The Thing I Love this Thursday is my oldest nephew. 

My little brother and his wife had their first baby in 2005 - they now almost have 4 (Julie's pregnant with their 4th!).  I remember where I was when I heard he was born and thinking, this is crazy.  I don't really like babies or kids, but I'm in love with this one already.  And it was pretty quickly afterward that I got to fly to Charlotte, NC and meet him for the first time.  Stick a fork in me, I am done. 

Get ready for the Katy Hair Train - EXPRESS.

When Aunt Katy fell in love.  The first time I met the little peanut boy. 
Left to right, My little mama, Me and little teeny peanut, Julie, teeny peanut's mama, Buck the brown Boxer and Sugar the white Boxer.

I mean, COME ON. 

First Christmas.

Fancy Aunt Katy so in love she gets on the floor and rolls around. That says a lot.

It's too early in the morning for Aunt Katy to count these apples.  You do it, m'kay?
Fast forward a few years to this young, thoughtful, articulate boy who can crack me up.  I'm not kidding.  He makes me laugh so hard because he's so observant and will make jokes that are relevant to what the adults have all been talking about.  It's astounding.  I'm not politely laughing at this kid, he makes me guffaw.  That is something most adults cannot get out of me, and this 7 year old is doing it all the time. 

The last time I was there - they live in Arizona - about 2 months ago we were walking to go play some baseball, and he took my hand and so sweetly said, "Aunt Katy, now that you are here, would you like some organic produce?"  Just kill me.  His mom and dad are so careful about what they eat, and my Sister in Law Julie is using a local organic farmer for produce now and Cruz knows I'm vege and thought I would want some.  I will never forget that sweet little voice and that moment as long as I live. 

He's always been so into animals and farms and he wants to be a farmer/cowboy/police man, at least he did a little bit ago, I'm sure I am way behind.  But, I keep trying to tell him he and Aunt Katy can open an animal sanctuary together someday.  That would be most excellent.

He's a Lego master.  He gets a new set, for ages 5 years older than he is and he has it all put together in one day.  His dad just stands there slack jawed watching him.  He is so good at sports and plays every one with enthusiasm and gives it his all.  He is so sweet to his little brother and sister and helps whenever he can.  He is his mom's best helper and has been since he could barely move.  He is like the Assistant for everything in their life.  Nothing gets past this kid. 

 I'm in love with this kid.  He made me want to be a mom.  That, along with me being ready spiritually and mentally and finding my dear sweet husband, it is time.  We have a child in our future.  It's going to happen.

One of my favorite things is watching my husband play with these kids.  They think Uncle Chris is HILARIOUS. 

I admit I get him pretty rad gifts, this space suit is a winner.

I wish I could play the piano like this kid.

And just for kicks, here's my favorite picture of my little brother and I right now, because if he and Julie weren't so freaking awesome, their kids wouldn't be so freaking awesome.



  1. Aw! Every kid needs an aunt like you...and your kid is going to be pretty lucky to have your brother as an uncle. He looks like he's *almost* as much fun as you are. :)

  2. That little boy literally could not be any cuter than he is. I mean - those eyes! You'd have to be made of stone to not fall in love with him - *I* melted a little at the organic produce question. More thoughtful than 98% of adults I know, for real.

  3. That is one adorable little boy. Just something about sweet boys isn't there? He's beautiful and so are you. :-)

  4. The hair. The Boy. The Brother.

    Swooning all over the place over here.

  5. I loves how you shared this with all of us. Your nephew is so adorable. I love all of the pictures. Being an Aunt is the most amazing thing ever. Good luck mommy, you can do it! :)

  6. Awwwww - this made me all teary eyed! You know I've got my fingers, toes & eyes crossed for "future baby"! You're going to be a great mom!

  7. I'm so glad you shared this with us. I loved it. I love being an Aunt. I can honestly say its the best thing aside from being a mommy! Keep up the work Momma, you can do it!

  8. I LOVE this post. LOVE it.

  9. I don't know what I love more...the love for your neph..the courage in hairstyles..or the huge smiles that are the common denominator in thse pics. xo (ps - your brother is easy on the eyes..perhaps more pics are necessary..) ;)

  10. I don't want children. I gave one up when I was homeless and had no one... and it was the best thing for everyone involved.

    And then you write LIKE THIS and my heart aches with such force.... NOT because I wanna be a mom, because you bring things out in me that lie dormant.

    You WILL be a mom. You will be an AMAZING mom. For now... you're a FANTASTIC Auntie... and this child is as lucky as you, for having you in HIS life.

    *Oh and love that pic of you lying on the carpet, in your sexy outfit with the boots... yah, you're hot. Hot hot hot. Done.

    ~Except to say I love you. And you already know that.

  11. He is a wonderful boy. And this piece will be the most memorable and cherished birthday gift he will ever receive.

  12. Frigg. That was awesome. That is one amazing little boy you have for a nephew. I had a realization just days ago. It's now my turn to have the childhood I always wanted-through the eyes of my son. Much <3 DysFUNction Junction

  13. I want that spacesuit! You're such an awesome aunt- he's lucky to have you.

  14. I just don't know if it's possible for me to smile harder than I am after finishing this post. Just awesome. All of this. Love you.

  15. Oh my goodness, what a lovely post for you to pass along to him someday! The love pours through the text. And you really weren't kidding about the Katy Hair Train, were you?! :)