Thursday, February 28, 2013

Things I Love Thursday - Part 66

What do I love today?  A whole hell of a lot.  But right now, here's what I got.  THE INTERWEBS! 

The wwwwwww world wide wonderful web!

It affords somebody like me who's stuck at home a lot of the time to have access to EVERYTHING! 

My mom didn't have it.  My Grammie's didn't have it.  We are really really really freaking lucky.


I use the internecks for good, like doing searches like this -
  1. Why is my baby looking at me like that?
  2. Who do I think I am?
  3. What should I wear today?
  4. Who is that one guy?
  5. My nails are ugly.
You know, all the important shit. 

Take it from me, you can't ever find any bad information on the internets.
But for real?  This thing CONNECTS us all.   It's so profound and I really truly believe it helps with the loneliness and the isolation that we talked about here - REMEMBER? 

Especially for someone like me who desperately NEEDS to connect with people, even when I don't want to.  ESPECIALLY when I don't want to. That is when I need to connect more than ever, when my brain is telling me, "you're fine, you don't need anybody."  There are AA chat rooms and meetings, there are mom's chat rooms and meetings - one in Chicago specifically for multiples, which is great.  As long as I don't dive too far down the rabbit hole and can pull myself out and realize, hey!  I AM A REAL PERSON!  I need real live people too! And then drag myself out of the hole and get out and connect with other real live people.  EVEN ON THE PHONE. I would rather slice my eyeballs than talk to someone on the phone, but it's important.  So I do it.  When I have to. 

IT'S CRAZY OUT THERE ON THE WEB!  There are a lot of crazy people and BULL TO THE SHIT out there and if you're not careful, you can believe some of the shit that they put out there.  REEL IT BACK IN PEOPLE.  It's called balance, and for me, it's essential.  It's not ingrained - all or nothing is more my style.  But if I put for the effort, I can maintain an online thing and a real life thing that keeps me sane and happy and grateful. 

I'm grateful for this computer and the electricity it needs to power up and to Al Gore (hay Al, call me!) for inventing the internet.  I am grateful for the job that I have that affords me to pay for all this shit.  This is all really truly profound shit that when I stop to think about it MAKES MY HAIR HURT. 

SERIOUSLY.  The internet, when used for good and connecting and truly funny, inspiring shit is AMAZING.
Let's all use it for good and not for evil, shall we?

*goes off to google when I can make with beans and soy sauce and potatoes because that's all I have in my kitchen*


  1. You make me smile DAILY!!! I heart you, woman:)

  2. Holy Jesus - the questions...runs off to google that shit. I just LOLd at work! :D

    I hope Al calls. :) Beans~n~taters lol

  3. Yay for Google! And for the internets! And for me learning how to comment on!

  4. I am now finding myself stopping everything I should be doing to come and read all new blogs. Thank you. You are most def connected.


  5. Thank you for sharing your gratitude with us.

  6. So, I should call you? ;)

  7. OMG, sounds like you were reading my personal emails today. I'm soooo frustrated with the BS posts! Google that shit...and make friends with!!

  8. Lerve. :) I'm going to Argentina in a few weeks and all I do is Google stuff about Buenos Aires. Where can I find a place to do my nails? Can I go to the beach? I know there's a beach, where is it? Can I fit in these shorts? How many kinds of meat can I eat at one time?

  9. I. Love. You.
    Keep doing what you do.
    I know you do it for you, but I'm so glad that I can benefit from your own reminders. You are crazy-funny-amazing!
    I. Love. You.

    OK. That is all for now. Carry on, my friend.
    Hugs & Muwahs & Luvs & Stuffs! (Yes...I said 'Luvs' diapers)

    1.'s how I met you! So even greater invention, fo shiz, yo.