Thursday, September 6, 2012

Things I Love Thursday - Part 51

This shit is WEIRD, yo.

There are babies.  Moving around.  In MAH BELLY.

That brings me to the delightful world of technology and on my phone I have a couple apps that I LOVE.  It's the Thing I Love this Thursday. 

The What to Expect When You are Expecting app:

Can I just bitch for one second that there is not an app for multiples yet?  Like, yes, my baby is a banana (the one fruit I don't eat, hooray!) But it would be so fun to see the two babes in there.  Can somebody please get on inventing that app?  Multiples are taking over the world it seems but there's not an app for this?  I look at these every morning on the train ride into work to see what's happening in there.  And they even have some shit for Dad to look at so my dear sweet Dumpster Husband gets the goods too.  Way to go WTEWYE app!

The Sprout app:

Which clearly shows the babe and what he looks like with little factoids - you will see the the notes on both apps are all about the feeling of movement in the belly lately.  Which, is HAPPENING.  And the little wiener.  AWWWWWWWW.

I've read a couple books, and I have the apps that tell me "what you will be feeling this week or this day" and of course, I have many many incredible women telling me their experience, strength and hope about their pregnancies, but DAMN, this shit is weird, yo.

I'm at 21 weeks now and it's said that I should be feeling something like butterflies or gas bubbles or something.  And I swear it started when we saw Hall & Oates in concert last Saturday night.  And has not really stopped.  That pressure.  Especially whoever is on "belly right" (going off stage right for those of you so theatrically inclined).  It's wonderful!  And strange.  And wonderful. 

Also, I don't want to alarm you guys, but I just looked at my Period Tracker app, and my period is kinda late.

OK, are you ready for an I L L U S I O N?

Here it goes. 

It's just me, posing for my daily "what are you wearing" pic



  1. You need the Wee Mail app!! It is so cute! Emails from your babe. You can just pretend they are taking turns messaging you. :)

  2. Lol. Your to funny.

  3. Yay,baby flutters!
    Did I tell you that my half-sister I barely know just had twins? Twins are everywhere. There should be an app for that.

  4. I started feeling 14 weeks. I had t google if this was normal and apparently it was because my uterus was way thinned out from having gestated so many times. Anywho. It didn't feel like kicks or butterflies it felt like a skee ball was rolling around in there. By 21 weeks he was kicking me so hard I couldn't sleep. No matter how many babies I have...its weird. Every kick was a reminder that I had a foot in me, and a brain. A human brain. All up inside me. Fucking crazy.

  5. you are so darn cute.

  6. Oh and btw you look great!! You are one hot baby maker!!

  7. Love the bump!! :) Also glad to see I'm not the only one who has to track AF. I googled multiples apps, didn't find any, but did find this...good luck momma!

  8. There needs to be an app for anterior placenta, too. I had this with both of my full term babies, and it meant not feeling their kicks regularly until 24 weeks along at least.

  9. I will say again, YEAH U!!!! I'm so enjoying this pregnancy with u....I feel like a real stalker! Lol...I love de peanuts. Smooches, Cyn (A.D.D. Music Mamma)

  10. Awww I miss the feeling of baby in da belly movement! I know for me I became so accustomed to feeling that, that after I had delivered I felt a sense of loss. (not a bad one...I just wanted to put the baby back in.) I don't know if that makes sense...I could only imagine with twins that in a month or two it's going to feel like a roller derby in there! hahaha But let me take this moment to say at 20 wks with a big ole baby bump growing like that and you still have a waist line and hips!!!??? AH-MAZING! You look absolutely stunning and probably one of the healthiest looking pregnant women I've ever seen.

  11. Further proof that you are already an awesome mama: If we didn't know any better, looking at that first picture, I'd wonder if you were pregnant or if the patter of the dress just made you look "fuller". lol Any weight you've gained has gone straight to baby-making. Good job healthy mama!

  12. The 'quickening' was weird, but the weirdest was when the baby had hiccups in there!! What a strange sensation!! The worst was nearer to delivery, when I laid down on the couch, with a cup of hot tea resting on my belly--apparently a too hot cup of tea! He kicked it so hard that it went everywhere even though I was holding on to it! If he thought a hot tea shower was gonna be more fun, WRONG!
    And you just look so damn gorgeous!! Beautiful!! Keep doing what you're doing, cause you look fabulous!

    1. My first had the hiccups ALL the time, she was even born with them!

  13. Butterflies my ass!! My son was like freakin' Ultimate Fighting Champ on my crotch parts. Cheese and Rice it hurt bad. I would gasp in a room full of people and be like, 'don't mind me, my baby in my belly just round house kicked me in the cervix'. So good luck with two in there. It is weird shit, you are right.
    love ya KatyKat!!
    Smooches and belly rubs to Hall and Oates and your bump is spectacular. So are your boobs.

  14. Too much adorableness!!!!! Love it!!!! Flutters are the best and my favorite was when they could be felt from the outside. Like Humble, I had several kids so I felt things very early, but I woudl wait with my hand on my belly all the time to feel the outer movements. Dumpster Husband will LOVE it.

    You are one hot mama!


  15. You are so stinkin' cute!! Wait until you see your first Baby hand or foot outlined in your belleh. It's amazing!!

  16. You look AMAZING!!! It is making me feel sick. I looked like a dying mammoth with my pregnancies. Sadly, i look like one now, and i'm not pregnant. Not cool. But i'm soops happy for you. :D

  17. I have gas bubbles too.... but that's 'cause I had biscuits and gravy for brekky... not 'cause I'm preggers. I'm pretty sure my belly looks like yours this morning, after eating four of 'em. Yup. *burp*

    ahhh..... much better.


  18. You should totally do a magic show! On stage! featuring your belly and you can wow the crowd with your antics. I mean that's pure gold right there. P.S. there should also be an ultrasound app on the iPhone, because that would be really cool to peek in on your babies all the time.

  19. you look fabulous!

  20. KABLAMMO! Rocking the baby bump! I haven't had the pleasure of getting preggo yet but I'll be working on it in the next couple years. I'm still weirded by the fruit measurements but hey, if it works it works. Surprised there's no app for multiples.

  21. Your PeriodTracker comment made me laugh out loud! You can imagine my response when I saw that tiny sample image. (Just in case, it's this: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!")

  22. The ONLY part I liked (and miss) about being preggo is feeling the little squirt in there moving around. Sometimes I got freaked out thinking "There is another HUMAN INSIDE of me!!" and you have two in there....kinda alien-like, if you ask me.

    I have that period tracker, I love it.
    You look UH-MAY-ZING!!

  23. I headed over here from Deb's blog. Congratulations on your babies!

  24. I love that you had a period tracker app. You'll have to tell me if you spot any good parenting apps once those babies are born!