Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things I Love Thursday - Part 48

I'm going light today.  Or am I?

The Thing I Love this Thursday is the world of MATERNITY. 
I love me some maternity leggings!  They are from Old Navy and they have the full front panel that goes right over Hall & Oates so beautifully.  I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE LEGGINGS.
Easy Peasy for the modern girl of maternity - a big JCrew shirt, leggings and chunky heels.   And why is it whenever I say or hear the word maternity I am INSTANTLY transported back to the 1950's?  WHY IS THAT? Is it so old-timey that it does that others besides me?  Well, I'm utterly OBSESSED with Mad Men and know WAY too much about the show and it's fashion and politics and character motivations.  And I like it that way. 

Long gone are the days of Betty Draper sitting in her kitchen with Francine drinking and smoking and watching little Sally Draper with a dry cleaning bag over her head with the only worry being something along the lines of "if those dry cleaned clothes are messed up you are in big trouble, Missy!"

This is about my favorite scene ever from anything ever.  (ALL these Mad Men photos are courtesy of the mad geniuses at TLO - Tom and Lorenzo - My FAVORITE RECAP SITE if for some reason you don't read them yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!)
 Those were the days, weren't they?  I MISS SMOKING.  Yes, I still miss smoking.  I'm not doing it, but dammit, I miss it. 

My two favorites.  Roger and Joanie.  And the ciggy.  Mmmmmmmm. 

And Miss Trudy Campbell here in here cotton candy frou frou come and get me but stay the hell away from me get up?  FABULOUS. 

Y'all know I love me some old school glamour.  I just do.  And most days I'm still wearing my own clothes - meaning non-"maternity" clothes.  WE ARE SO LUCKY TO HAVE STRETCHY CLOTHES.  These gals didn't have that back then.  I still wear the cat-eye glasses and the red lipstick and you can pry those from my cold dead hands thankyouverymuch, but shit like this nonsense above, no way.  In my defense, as in the "I didn't just jump on the Mad Men train",  I had these cat eye glasses and red red lips long before Mad Men came on the air.  And will long after it goes off the air.

We are in a great place today in history for women's fashion - and particularly in maternity clothes -  in that we can be all retro if we want and yet have the modern comforts of stretchy pants too.  PURRRRRRRFECT. 

I'm still pinning to my What are you wearing today? board over on the Pinterest.  You will see the transformation from no belly to belly with two babes.  It's fun!  But not NEARLY as much fun as being able to smoke and drink while pregnant.  Sonsabitches. 


  1. Girrrrl.....Trudy Cambell looks like a wonderful baby shower pastry in that getup!! And it's so nice someone else caught all those wonderfully sick things on Mad Men regarding preggo ladies. I just finished watching the last episode today (I just started watching the show last week - can you tell I'm at home with a newborn???)

    What about the Twilight Sleep they put those ladies in to deliver those babies?? Or the doctors SMOKING in the hospital rooms?? AGH! What a scream!

  2. i remember my mother telling me how scandalized my grandmother would have been if she had seen my maternity get-ups. Showing off the belly with anything that "hugged" was not de rigueur back in her day...

  3. Dammit, cotton candy frou frou is the best. I made the mistake of getting a weird ruffle-tiered bathing suit when I was giantly pregnant and I just looked like a charred wedding cake. But holy hell did I love my yoga pants. Couldn't wear regulsr maternity panels because they made me very creepy feeling, so I had to wear regular stretchy pants and dresses over them. I was happy being pregnant in those getups. You are the cutest with your heels- I can't wait until you refuse to take off your heels during labor.

  4. I loved the BIIIIGGG panel pants!! So comfey and practical...and it kinda holds everything all together so you can toss a cute shirt over top! Looking cute as always, homey! :)

  5. You're rockin' the maternal look, girl. You always look great. You are familiar with Pea In the Pod, yes? Such great maternity clothes there too. I love that you call your babies Hall & Oates. LOL Hilarious. I called one of my babies Quequay while in utero, and the other Shecky. Schecky was a big kicker. :)