Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Awards and Some Such Nonsense

I've been given this award TWICE now:

Once by my girl Crafty over at her raucous and beautiful blog Craftwhack, which is one of the blogs I read religiously, as in, I NEVER MISS ONE and she will tell you I comment on EVERY GD one her posts. She is funny and smart and so good at so many things.  One of my favorite things about her blog is Tutorial Tuesday, where she will most likely make you lose your shit on the train.  In a good way.  And once in a while she gives us a post so deep and thought provoking, it keeps us all coming back for more.  As you well know with me, the snark needs to be supported by the depth.  There has to be a balance.  A zen of blogging if you will.  Craftwhack gets it so right. 

And once by my girl over at Mynewfavoriteday.  Who is all at once lovely and ballsy and funny and a beautiful soul.  She writes what is in her heart and lays it out so genuinely, my snark is almost embarrassed to talk to her - ALMOST.  And yet she somehow puts up with me and let's me play with her and for that, I am grateful.  I could learn a lot from her gentle and loving nature dripping with optimism. 

These two amazing women happen to be two of my blog mentors and idols and also, just two kick ass ladies in their own way, and I'm honored they would include me in this awesomeness.  So, thank you again and many tackles and face licks are happening - close your eyes and visualize big, floppy Boxer lips all over you, and that is what I'm doing in my mind and heart to both of you.

Because I am lazy and also not very good with etiquette, it's taken me two times to finally give this back. The Versatile Blogger. Now, maybe I'm getting this wrong, because that's usually the case, but to me that means writing about a bunch of different shit. Which I might call random. And yes, I definitely qualify here. If anyone is random, tis I. So, while I have many favorite blogs, I will be sharing this award with a few that I find quite random, eh, ahem, I mean VERSATILE. There are blogs out there that focus on one theme or one subject, which is great too and I love them. But this award is not for you.  Also, THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST. Hopefully people understand that and most of my favorite blogs are already linked here on my blog. 

I feel like this should be all fancy, like a proclamation or something.  We are watching The Tudors right now and every time the Queen enters the little guy announces her like this, "THE Queen", emphasis on THE.  Which I love and want my cats and husband to announce me that way whenever I enter a room from now on. It hasn't happened as of yet.  But it will, oh it will, MARK MY WORDS.

I'm following the rules from Craftwhack's post.  Because she's so awesome and funny and I love to say the word boobs (see why I love that Crafty so much?).
"Rules: I must show the award on my blog, tell you 5 things you may not know about me, and then pass on the award to 5 bloggers with whom I am smitten. Plus, I have to add the word ‘boobs’ in to as many sentences as I can."
So here we go! 5 things you may not know about me. You guys know all my deep dark secrets, so this is going to be tough to come up with trivial shit.

  1. I was born in Dallas, Texas.  I come by this big hair and love of country music quite honestly. 
  2. I was a singing server for a couple years after college.  BS in Theatre, working at a restaurant singing songs from the 1920's.  Quite fun actually. 
  3. I was a figure skater for almost 10 years of my life.  Competitions and shows were my life for a long time. 
  4. I became a born again Christian at 16 years old - like dunked in the river baptised, FOR REALS.  Super involved in my evangelical church. I was hardcore into the Lord and would tell you all about the good news.  (I KNOW, RIGHT?)
  5. When I get super really awkward nervous, I start counting out loud, under my breath really super dedupery fast.  It helps the feeling pass. 
Now, here are the blogs I read without fail, which are super VERSATILE (besides the two I already mentioned who gave me this award) in no particular order:

  1. Reading and Chickens.  http://readingandchickens.blogspot.com/ I am completely smitten with her drawings, number one, number two, she has chickens.  And she's a bookworm who loves a good crinoline.  I mean, COME ON! She is smart and funny and I am always entertained and stimulated when I visit her blog.  She has some righteous boobs, although she will probably dismiss me for saying this, I've seen you in those dresses girl, come here. 
  2. Crazy Dumbsaint of the Mind.  http://dumbsainthood.wordpress.com/.  I fell in love with this woman a while back, she is quite different from me, and yet we are so similar.  She talks a lot about breast feeding, and that makes me think about her boobs.  She is a Bonnethead, and for that reason alone, we are bonded.  She is a hippie homestyle, yet punk rock mama and I love her style and take on life. I'm also pretty sure there's an offer on the table for me to become a Sister Wife with she and her husband, so there's that too. 
  3. Craughing.  http://craughing.blogspot.com/.  This lady is kicking and screaming to healthy living.  Mentally.  I just adore her and the way she looks at the world.  She is raw and gritty and has no kids, SHE AND I ARE THE ONLY ONES ON THE INTERNET THAT ARE KIDLESS.  For now.  She makes me laugh and she makes me cry.  Therefore = Craughing.  I think that there should be a term "craughy boobs" and by that I mean the heaving and the bouncing that our boobies do when we are laughing and/or crying.  As in, "OMG, she totally had the craughy boobs, and it was hard to watch, or, it was super hawt to watch!"  Anyway, she's new at this blogging thing, but I am already hooked.  Plus she has a kickass dog with his own FB page.  So there you go.  Anyone trying to get healthy has my vote. 
  4. The Klonopin Chronicles.  http://theklonopinchronicles.blogspot.com/.  One of the first page people I met on Facebook. AND THEN SHE STARTED BLOGGING.  Oh my god.  She and I are so different in many ways, and yet, we have the best similarities.  She writes like a pro, she lays it out in a way we can all relate to.  She makes me want more.  She is trying to get better at life and handling things.  That is enough to suck me in.  The humor and beautiful writing will keep you going back for more.  AND, I KNOW WHAT BRA SIZE SHE WEARS.  OMG.  Boobs. She's going to kill me.
  5. The Underachievers Guide to Being a Domestic Goddess.  http://underachievingdomesticgoddess.blogspot.com/.  This broad?  Has won me over.  She is so supportive and kind and funny in her comments and love for my stuff that I had to get to know hers too.  I'm so glad I did.  She is a treat!  You will love her humor and her wisdom without being pushy.  Nobody likes pushy.  I think she and I could talk for days, weeks even, about our boobs.  We've never discussed it, but I just get that feeling. 
All that being said, I always feel guilty like I wish I could list all 800 blogs I read and really love.  There will be more awards and there will be more time to share.  In the meantime, again, the blogs I love most are over there, to the right.  Go look at them. But also, you know, go look at the 7 I've listed here.  Because you know, Award Winner and all that shit.


  1. I have never, ever been so proud of my boobs than I am at this moment. Crying. All of the teasing that I, and my 32ds- in- the- 4th- grade endured finally found their moment of fame. It was all worth it. Faithfully yours...DG

  2. Awwww,you think about my boobs! I am so honored. Man, I love you.

  3. SOOOO not trivial shit- that was a great list! And yes, I can attest to the fact that you comment on every one of my GD posts, which makes me in turn send back slobbery kisses- maybe giraffe kisses. Yeah. Thanks for giving me such a glowing review, too. I feel weepy.

  4. We have very much the same taste in blogs! Thanks for sharing!