Thursday, January 5, 2012

Things I Love Thursday - Part 22

Do you know what this picture of moi means? Well you will momentarily. Hang with me. Shhhhhhhh.
This is going to be a confession of the darkest kind on Things I Love Thursday.

"Based on a book, Pretty Little Liars follows four best friends (Spencer, Hanna, Aria & Emily) whose clique falls apart after the disappearance of their queen bee, Alison. Three years later, estranged friends reunite when they begin receiving messages from someone using the name "A" who threatens to expose their secrets - including long-hidden ones they thought only Alison knew." Some random website. 

This opening credits thing right here.  The song?  And the make ups.  And the shhhhhhhh.
Here's mine again:

It's harder than it looks.  You fucking try it.
  and then post your shhhh photos on my wall on the IWADB Facebook Page.  M'kay? 

On the Twitter a while ago, they had everyone sending in their "shhhhhh" photos.  I took a lot.  And didn't send any.  I'm not that fucking cray cray you guys. 

This is some serious fluff.  And I love every minute of it.  It's on ABC Family for god's sakes, at like, 7pm.  I'm pretty sure I'm one of the oldest weirdo creepies watching it WITHOUT KIDS of their own to back it up. 

I was a teenager who adored 90210 and Saved by the Bell and all that cheese.

I wanted to be Donna.  For reals.  Hard.  And I was a virgin forever.  Until I wasn't.  So I RELATED TO HER.  I fucking related to Donna Martin.  How fucked up is that? 

THIS. I did this. with the bikini top and high waist jean cut offs. I DID THIS SHIT. And loved it.
And my David Silvers all had to wait for my sacred gift.

Pretty Little Liars is delicious.  I mean, it's cutey pie fashion teeny bopper girls being catty and superficial combined with texting and crazy plot twists that, wait for it, SOMETIMES I CANNOT EVEN FOLLOW.  They act way too mature for their age, but then, didn't we all try to do that?  We just didn't have books and dialogue written for us.  I begrudge their amazing fucking hair and cute little bricabrac jewelry.  
Look at these girls.  I can only imagine how much teenage girls, tweens and pre-teens really, just love this show.  There is a story line with suspense.  I would have loved it.  Hell I love it now. 
Yeah, it's airbrushed and photoshopped and blah blah unreal expectations for girls, blah blah blah.
I LOVE THIS SUPERFLUOUS SHIT.  Sometimes we just need pure fluff.  And this does it for me.  I don't do the Bachelor or the Housewives or the Kardashians.  I do this.  
Goddammit that is embarrassing to admit.
I love this show.  If you don't know it or are pretending not to know it,
I'm having Glenda here sing to you, "Come out, Come out, Wherever you are".......
So we can talk about this shit.


  1. I have secretly been wanting to watch PLL and well 90210 goes without saying...:)

  2. Haven't watched it, myself. But we all have our little guilty pleasures. Daddy Knows Less just admitted that he loves this goofy Red SOLO Cup song. But did I judge him for it? Nah.

    Have fun with your superfluous joy time!

    P.S. Did you know? That one chick from 90210 just turned 50. So there's that.

  3. I own all 6 Rocky movies. I've watched them all at least 20 each. I can't help it. It's my "feel-good" movie. Perhaps even more embarrassing, is that I have recently let my 7 & 8 yr old daughters watch them too and now THEY'RE obsessed.

    However, if I have to explain that no, Adrian Balboa did NOT die in real life (and that's not the actress' name), they just pretended she died to make for a good story, I may regret my decision to let them watch #6.

    My name is Tina, and I'm a Rockaholic.

  4. This is one of the reasons I go to bed early on week nights.

  5. 90210 (old one, not new one) IS THE BEST.

  6. My fluffy superfluous shit is The Bachelor/ette. I go berserk-like when it is on and I YELL at them. I loves it, so no judging from my part.

  7. Dumpster Husband is a wise man. Obviously. I only like high brow stuff myself. Like Cathouse.

  8. My superfluous stuff is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I could watch them over and over and over. Every day. Forever.

    And I'm not brave enough to do the picture... It would create duckface for me that is SO hideous, not even my index finger could make look good.

  9. I don't watch PLL but I watch The Lying Game. And Secret Life of the American Teen, both ABC family shows. And I'm addicted to One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl. And I'm 30, married and have 2 small children. Kinda pathetic, I know. But I love it!!! And I love old 90210 reruns on soap net!

  10. I am a Purple Rain girl. I went to see it 27 times in the movie theatre. I have it DVR'd and when it comes on I will watch it and if anyone speaks they have to leave the room. I sing all of the songs and occassionaly I will even speak the roles of different characters. Sad I know but I love this movie. Can not believe I am sharing this with the world but, what the heck... I LOVE PRINCE!!

  11. Donna was my girl. When I was younger, everyone told me I looked like Tori Spelling. Not Donna Martin Tori, but Violet Bickerstaff Tori from Saved by the Bell.
    I wished I looked like Donna. I, too, was a virgin forever. It's a good thing.

  12. Ahh Saved By the Bell!! I miss watching that after school.

    I can't say that I've seen Pretty Little Liars, but it looks interesting!

    P.S. :D

  13. oh how I love PL2..and the new 90210 and husband is with DH though..he walks in the room, looks at the TV, says Hell NO, and walks back out.

  14. I am totally a PLL geek! I turned my daughter on to it...I love that stuff! Still watching the 90210 and am watching the cut rate version of the new one... I do have to DVR though, because hubby makes fun of me :(

  15. I've never seen PLL, but... *sigh...stands up* Hi, my name is Dee, and I'm addicted to The Vampire Diaries." Whew! I feel better already! I love fluff TV. Let's be honest, life is real enough. I read and watch TV to get away from all the 'real.' And it doesn't get much less real that vampires and werewolves, am I right? ;)

  16. Oh whatever happened to pacey?!aaaaahaha..haha..ahhh. (sigh)..

  17. Oh where did ya go pacey?aaahaha. Haha.aahh.(sigh) and purple rain, seriously..all time greatest movie..prince still gets jammed in my house...i would die

  18. HA!!! Shhh pictures coming up!! I LURV!!!! 90210!
    Donna Martin graduates, Donna Martin graduates!

  19. I really am lame and don't watch much TV but I sat and watched a marathon of The Secret Life of the American Teenager with my son...oh my Molly Ringwald and Josie Bisette from Melrose Place...yeah I could get into it. I understand. Shhhhhhhhh

  20. 90210, Party of Five, Melrose Place....When Kimberly (from Melrose Place who was SUPPOSED to be dead) was standing on the beachripped her wig off to show her massive scar on her scalp...I about lost my mind! I'm gonna have to watch this Pretty Little Liar show.