Thursday, February 23, 2012

Things I Love Thursday - Part 28

I loved going to Disney and Universal.  Most of it.  You know, if you take away the mass humanity and kids screaming and general wanting to punch people in the throat. But you can't, when you go to a place like that, so you just accept that's how it is and try to enjoy the hell out of it.  Which is what we did.

I went with my in-laws.  Who are awesome.  Seriously.  I couldn't ask for a better family than my husband's.  His sister is such a blessing to me in that we have the best time together.  And his parents are the kindest, dearest, funniest people I could ask for.  That's why my Dumpster Husband turned out so kind and funny. 

Anyway, I'm going to share some pictures, like a "what did you do on your vacation" thing.  I'm not posting pictures of my in-laws, cuz as I've said before, not everybody is a total spaz and likes to plaster their photos everywhere like I do. 
Here we go:
This was the first day.  Kelly, my sister in law, found our perfect little family.  Gag me with a spoon.  

Prancing around like a silly ninny while my Dumpster Husband and my Father in law play serious golf.

We stayed at the Irish bar.  Good beer and even Irish Dancing.  I was pretty spaztastic about that. 

The Magic Kingdom.  We're having so much fun we are whistling Zipedeedoodah out of our assholes!

Oh, and THIS happened. I mean, none of us could recover.  My DH is the reason I know anything about The Beatles.  To say he is a huge fan, is an understatement.  Blew our minds.

We went to the Hall of Presidents on Presidents Day.  I teared up a few times.  It was pretty sweet.
and this:
W's boots.  If they weren't behind glass, I would have barfed into them.
Moving on to Universal Studios..........

 I mean, this was so cool.  The Harry Potter thing was totally worth it.

How happy am I to be at the Owl Post?  So damn happy.

Seriously awesome. And that Harry Potter ride was kick ass.  Every second of it. 

A Little Lucidity sent this to me. And truly, I wish you all rock bottoms. Nothing changes unless we are against a wall.  At least it didn't for me.  J.K. Rowling, thank you for Harry Potter and whatever got you there. 

After hitting rock bottom and getting sober, THIS is the only beer I can drink.  It was pretty yummy. 
Cream soda-ish. 
so cool.  The conductor kept yelling, "WEASLEY!".  It was really cute.

Moving on.....
Oh hi Iron Man.  What nice thighs you have.
I even got into my cherry retro swimsuit, which I haven't done in years. And here's the picture of the hot model wearing it.  Because there's no way I'm sharing me wearing it.  But it felt so good to fit into it, that I got a "I'm so happy on myself" moment. 

This guy was outside the condo we stayed in.  I saw several squirrels down there who were quite thin, compared to our Chicago Dumpster Squirrels. 
All in all, a great few days.  The weather was nice, the company was lovely and and the sights were pretty awesome.  I found I still have some pure joy for some things Disney.  I teared up during the Peter Pan ride.  No lie.  I love the Haunted Mansion and Pirates ride.  Even It's a Small World was lovely to me.  I'm not as bitter and cynical as I think I am sometimes. And I'm pretty happy about that.  Now, did I buy mouse ears or t-shirts?  No.  But I don't need to spend a ton of money on shit to prove I had a good time.  That's what blogs are for. 


  1. What a great post and great pics to go along with it. So glad you had a blast!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you had such an awesome time, and more importantly that you ALLOWED yourself to do so. I think that bitterness we all think we have is just our desire to show everyone that we're not idiots and we generally know what the fuck we're talking about. We still know how to have a good time, even in a "Small World."

  3. This was so damn much fun to read. I love that Rowling quote- perfect. You and DH are adorable, and I can't wait to take my kids there so they can melt down and freak out and have their little minds blown.

  4. Thanks for sharing so us fan-type folks can live vicariously through your adventure. :D

    Peace. Love. HP.

  5. Glad you had a great time, Kitty. Good call on not buying those stickers and would-be puking in the boots. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  6. ... I agree this was lots of fun to read. I was there over the summer; it was a blast. Glad you had fun. I feel the same way about my outlaws --- :)family rocks!

  7. Did you want to buy a condo in Hogsmeade and never leave like I did? I didn't want to leave. But I'm a total geek and know it.

  8. Gosh. You managed to make a visit to Disney sound fun!! I loved seeing the pictures of you and Mr. Dumpster and of all the fab JK Rowling (love her and so does my daughter) stuff . . . so good! And I like cream soda almost as much as birch beer (tastes like rootbeer).

  9. You look so damn happy and the pic of you and DH is so awesome!!! And thank you for telling me what the Butterbeer tasted like...I always imagined it tasted something like butter. Glad that is not the case!

  10. You look so damn happy and the pic of you and DH is so awesome!!! And thank you for telling me what the Butterbeer tasted like...I always imagined it tasted something like butter. Glad that is not the case!

  11. Love that pictures and words and blogs can be a souvineer.