Monday, November 21, 2011

Best Friends September 2011 Trip

It's picture time!  If you love animals and rescues the way I do, you will LOVE this post.  Warning - there are adorable furries ahead. 

I've been slacking on getting pictures up of my last visit to Best Friends Animal Society, or as I call it, The Happiest Place on Earth.

We went in September of 2011 and I did this quick TILT, which captures the essense of the experience of going there for a week. 

But I have been wanting to share more photos.  Most of the doggies we met are up for adoption, and even some of the pigs.  And the views and the people and the $5 amazing vegan lunches every day?  Seriously.  It does not get any better than this.

Have you ever pet a pig?  Jeffrey let me film a belly rub. 

And now, Pictures galore.


  1. These pics make me so happy- especially the dog tearing out of the tunnel. Pure joy! And we must be psychically linked up somehow through the universe today, because the post I'm shooting up later has a photo of a dog reading a book. No joke. Okay, gotta go stomp on some popcorn.

  2. "My dog smells better than your honor student"..... BWAH!

    Love the pic of the white dog with the ball in his mouth, with the bowled legs... Argh so cute.

    AND... how BEYOOOOTIFUL is that pic of you with the braid in the front? Just wow.

    That's all. Loved it. Love the piggies and the pooches and the love given to them. mmmmm...... *warm feeling inside*

  3. Katy, I am catching up on the fabulousness that is YOU by reading back posts, and I TOO remember the glamour of flying. WHen I was a wee sprout in the 80's we dressed in SUNDAY best to fly to my mom's home town in Minnesota from California. It was an event and people treated it as such. (Including my mom who needed a double vodka and a valium). I miss the days. Today we're lucky if people wear clothing on airplanes as opposed to PJ's. I feel ya sista.