Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Part 17

It's about damn time I post about Divers.  Divers are what I affectionately call friends of the blog and the Facebook page.  As in Dumpster Divers, we all clear?

Now, when I started the blog I had no idea about linking it to a facebook page - which was started roughly August 15th, now with 2,699 fans as of right this second -  but once a couple people (Namely Nikki at Moms who Drink and Swear) shared it with fb land it was apparent I had to do something otherwise all you weirdos would be looking for me on my personal page, and we can't have that now can we?

Truly?  I annoy the fuck out of some of my personal fb friends.  On the IWADB page I can play and play and you Divers actually appreciate it.  THAT is gold my friends.  You saw this post about being  Slightly Awkward, right? 

You see, this

is your humble narrator. 

And while this is cute in a "sit in your high chair and I will give you dry spaghetti to eat while I cut your hair kind of way" - thanks mom! It soon gave way to this:

Which is the 1980's 6th grade version of hell.  You need further proof? 
This was my posse:

Have you ever in your life seen such explosive awesomeness?  I know, you are all humbled right now because you thought you could out-awkward ME.  Think again bitches. 

Want more?  OK, one more. 
There.  8th grade majesticness right here.  Complete with the half heart of my bff necklace. 

To combat my awkwardness I write and I post funny and meaningful-to-me shit that you seem to respond to Dear Divers.  !Awkwardamo! (super hero name?) never got better, I just drank through it and now emerge on the other side more awkward than ever, I just look hotter so it doesn't show it as much. 

So, today, this very special TILT is for you, the Divers who make my days brighter and more fun.  I don't feel so awkward around you all from behind my computer.  Sincerely and from the bottom of my cold, dead black heart, I thank you for reading and for playing along when I'm funny and for lending an ear and a hearty "you can do it and we love you" when I'm vulnerable.  I've met some great people and admins and found many new blogs that keep me steadily laughing and finding new ways to be grateful at the same time.

Some are drunk, some are sober, some are mommies,  some are babies (stop yelling at me baby!), some are perverts, some are vegans, some are daddies, some are baconfuckers, some are just here for the eye candy and some are just here for the Funny Friday Fotos.  All valid and encouraged reasons to play along with me. 

I've had a few people who I've banned to the far corners of the earth, but for the most part you are all lovely and funny people who I've enjoyed getting to know immensely.  Thank you for a great 3 months so far Divers! 

And to those of you who come and read and share the blog, well you get a very special lick on the face.  I adore you loyal readers and commenters most of all.  It's the reason for the FB page and also, the reason it's so fun to write this blog.  I will keep doing it and hope you will keep reading and sharing.

And for fun I give you one of the best little scenes I've seen in a long time. Enjoy the funny!


  1. Good God you were awkward! ;) Me, too. I adore your awkwardness.

    Yay! Face licks!

  2. this is the first time i've seen your blog, and i must say... i <3 you already. now i must go thank my brother fromthebungalow for linking your post =)

  3. Normal is overrated. Awkward in interesting. But dude, "I thank you for reading and for playing along when I'm funny"???? YOU ARE ALWAYS FUNNY!

    Love ya, Karen

  4. oops.. meant to say awkward IS interesting. can't type worth shxt.

  5. There are so many things that your photos brought up in my head, but I just really want you to know that I had the school photo with the floating moon face, too. And I'm pretty sure that's why the 80's were the greatest decade in which to grow up.

  6. Gah! I typed out a comment and it went *poof*. Dammit.

    Anyway, the 80s did rock. And I think we were about equal in our awkwardness. Trust me. I should post some of my pictures, although I did post my 1994 college graduation ones last night. Eeeeeeek.

    So glad that I found you! <3


  7. I love awkward photos! would love to see all of yours! xo

  8. It's like we're kindred spirits, only you have better fashion sense and are a little less awkward than me.

  9. You know the pictures will be such a valuable tool for the babies... when they're feeling awkward and weird, you can say, "I too, understand the awkward and weird. But look how I turned out!" And then they'll roll their eyes and slam their respective doors. xo