Thursday, October 18, 2012

Things I Love Thursday - Part 56

When I woke up this morning I had a very different idea of what this TILT would be.  Then I got to work and opened my Facebook and saw that I was invited to an event online - called "Katy's Baby Shower!"


I went over there and found and a bunch of fellow bloggers and online friends had made up an event for Hall & Oates and Christopher and I that had me in tears and disbelief.  How is it possible that all these people that may or may not even exist in real life had given me such a gift?  Psssst, I think they are real.  And they are big lovely assholes.  As in:

and - 
Both of these were hand crafted by the lovely lady over at The Crumb Diaries
There was the sweet -

From a lovely lady who has been around for a long time and one of my favorite virtual friends. 

from my dear friend at Don't Pet the Sweaty Stuff who knows my feeling on crocs.  But how can you argue with this nonsense?  You can't. 
Something political - hold on!

From my dear Frugalista Blog
And the risque!

Does this give you an idea of the epic nonsense over there?  It is FANTASTICAL.  By the very talented Sooperdad Blog of Awesomeness photoshopped, OF COURSE.  But that is my dear sweet dumpster husband and I.  Badass, no?

I mean, there were spazz dancing videos and pictures of all things related to babies and more specifically to Hall & Oates and my husband and I.  I can't begin to share everything that was posted there, the love and the funny is something I will go back and look at over and over and over. 

And her heart grew 8 sizes that day.

I am BLOWN AWAY by the kindness of strangers and yet, they're not really strangers if they know me so well now are they?  The THING I LOVE THIS THURSDAY is this kindness.  This generosity, this connection.  These people actually read what I write and pay attention to what I love and what I'm about.  When in the world did that happen?  People were saying really nice things about me and my writing and I'm just in shock, really.  So, I'm needing some time to digest it all and while I do, I wanted to share just a taste of what happened over there.  Again, I have only scratched the surface on what went on over there, and I couldn't possibly post everything by everyone that was so lovingly thought out and shared there.  FOR ME.  I am so so so grateful for the people I've met through this blog.  It's truly magical the connections we can form if we are open to it. 

p.s. if you were not in on that shower, but want to send me virtual wishes or videos or pics, PLEASE DO!  I'm at or you can always post to my wall on the Facebook Page


  1. Awwww what a cool thing to do. But then again, you're a pretty cool chick and darn it, people like you!! :)


  2. So what if we wanna send the twins a baby gift?

  3. You are important to me! No matter how silly or suggestive I am to you, always remember you have a friend on West coast.

  4. Glad you liked it. We do all pay attention to you and what you write about. At least I do, anyway. I can't really speak for everyone else, but it seems there are indeed at least 41 people out here who love you and are completely obsessed with you and your life. LOL!
    All joking aside, so happy for you. Can't wait to meet those babies. xoxo

  5. You are very well loved!

  6. I love you. To like...the skies and back. And so...well...That's all I got. So there.

  7. you also have a friend in Toronto congratulations on the up and coming bundle of joy keep up the good work
    from:Sara Jarry McIntyre

  8. Seriously, you and I live in a parallel universe! I've been thinking about what to get you...... Then, last night I got an email from Zullys (you must suscribe....many deals) and saw the perfect gift. I did not want to get you matchy matchy items (read baby gowns with the same print) so I opted for something different. Then, I realized instead of using them you could frame so they will be a memory of your journey through pregnancy and a reminder of all the people you have touched and inspired. That is why I had them personalized with the names "Hall and Oates"........then once again you blog and it hits the nail on the head. Ok enough with the gushing XoXoXo

  9. I love you. Every single thing about you. You make me laugh, inspire me, and support me when I need it most. Thank you for simply being you. Congratulations to you and Christopher. These babies are loved more than any babies ever. Xoxo <3

  10. I had SO MUCH fun with that craziness today:) You are awesome so it is no wonder that you were on the receiving end of such kindness. Everyone LOVES you! COngrats again...little Hall and Oates are lucky, lucky, lucky!!!

  11. Love you! This was the most fun baby shower I have ever been too!! I've never danced so much! haha

  12. OH! How amazing and wonderful- You are so loved by bunches and bunches of peoples!

  13. Oh, that is just phenomenal!